Tower Hill Botanical Garden - Boylston, MA

I visited Tower Hill Botanical Garden in Boylston, MA for the first time. I took advantage of the Free Fun Friday event they held July 29, 2016 and spent a little time enjoying the grounds. Here are some images.

Latest Personal Work

It is always good to keep your camera busy in between jobs to keep your skills high and your mind sharp. It is also helpful to shoot something you are interested in and not just what someone else tells you. Here are some shots I took over the last few months.

Remodeled Home for RemodelWerks

I had the fortunate opportunity to photograph a beautifully remodeled home for RemodelWerks. Unfortunately I do not know what the house looked like prior to the remodel. But what I DO know is that the craftsmen at RemodelWerks did a great job here. Their attention to detail did not go unnoticed by me while I was shooting the home. Here's the kitchen:

Photographing homes may not be quite as fast and easy as you may think. It takes more than just a camera and a tripod to make the images. In addition to the necessary knowledge it takes to shoot architecture, it takes time and patience. And in this day and age it helps to have a strong knowledge of Photoshop to make the images you see here. Here is an example of what one image takes:

Shooting on a tripod is critical. It is almost as critical to use ISO 50 or 100 to maximize image quality. I use f/11 or f/16 to increase the depth of field. This means slow shutter speeds. Using a remote release is usually recommended for this. Bracketing exposures is also necessary when the conditions demand it. Here is what bracketing involves.

Shooting bracketed exposures means you are shooting multiple photographs of different brightnesses to be selected (and possibly combined) later. In the case of this image, I used four different exposures and blended them manually in Photoshop using masks. Here is what the corresponding masks look like.

If it looks complicated, just know that it is. Each one of those masks (black and white images) was painted by me manually to effect which parts of the normal photographs are visible in the final image. They are then stacked on to of each other to create this:

I refer to this technique as Extended Range Imagery, a term I learned from Sue Ann Hodges to avoid the commonly used term HDR (High-Dynamic Range). Enjoy some more images captured during this project.


I shot for Wayfair this week and it was delightful. Of all the companies I would have wanted to work for, Wayfair is it. It's right in line with my desire to work with interior designers and products. Not to mention, my style of shooting is in line with their style. We shot in a beautiful colonial home in Milton, MA. Some of the products are for the holiday season. Take a look at what we did...

New Architecture at UMass Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst has a handful of new buildings ranging from dorms to fitness centers to new academic buildings.  The two buildings featured here are science buildings on the east side of campus.  Certain sections of the inside of these buildings are stunning.  I spent a few hours exploring these places with fellow photographer Lyn Freeman.  Here is what I captured:

Boston Magazine Article II

I'm pleased to announce I was published in the January 2014 issue of Boston Magazine for the second time in an article introducing readers to a handful of new shops in South Boston.  Here's the link.

Boston Magazine January 2014 Issue

Below are the pictures, including others that weren't included in the magazine.